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Seaside wonders

Staying in the historic center of the small village of Portovenere means, today, enjoying an extremely privileged position for exploring and approaching the delights of the Levante Ligurian Riviera. An island full of trails and views right in front of the bay the village overlooks, five picturesque jewels on natural promontories, a seaside town between Art Nouveau and Liberty: this and much more around Portovenere.


Nestled in the bosom of the Gulf of Poets, facing the promontory of Portovenere, stands Palmaria Island. With its rich Mediterranean vegetation, high and rocky coasts overhanging the sea, pebble beaches and striking panoramic views, it will delight visitors discovering Ligurian nature.

Cala grande, Cala della Fornace and Grotta Azzurra are just a few of the locations on this island all to be explored, amidst trails and corners of paradise on earth.


If Riomaggiore and Manarola are vertically spread out, with alleys and caruggi, monuments of historical interest and brightly colored houses typical of the Ligurian Riviera, Corniglia is perched on a promontory overlooking the sea, with lower houses characteristic of the hinterland.

Vernazza, on the other hand, the only natural harbor in the Cinque Terre, is a rocky spur of narrow streets that end in the central square, facing the sea. Finally, Monterosso al Mare, with large sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Five picturesque villages overlooking the sea, each to be discovered.


Of the charming seaside villages overlooking the Gulf of Poets, how could Lerici not be mentioned, with its evocative atmosphere from the Castle of San Giorgio, overlooking the sea, to the alleys and lanes of the small historic center, studded with pearls and architectural and artistic jewels, witnesses to eras of grandeur.

Enchanting sights that a large number of poets and novelists, both Italian and international, celebrate in their works, the result of the Grand Tour tradition.


Nestled in a naturalistic setting of fishing villages and pearls of the Levant Riviera, La Spezia is the center of the gulf in which it lies. Sentinel of the Ligurian Sea, this small city has always been linked to maritime development, a child of an era of Maritime Republics.

Strolling around the streets of the historic center, you can admire its noble and ancient Liberty-style palaces, whose facades are decorated in the Art Nouveau style, and enjoy its seafood specialties.